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New Sustainable Tourism Management program at SOU

New SOU program offers degree in Sustainable Tourism Management

(Ashland, Ore.) — Southern Oregon University’s newest academic program will provide students the tools they need to recognize and address the role of sustainability in the tourism industry, and to become leaders of tourism-related organizations – from regional to global – that commit to sustainable business practices.

SOU’s unique Sustainable Tourism Management bachelor’s degree program will get underway this fall term with a core curriculum of classes from the university’s Business, Social Science and Environmental Science and Policy departments. It is offered through the SOU School of Business.

Those who major in Sustainable Tourism Management will learn about the importance of environmental and conservation practices in the operational, strategic and financial objectives of tourism-related organizations and destinations. They will come to understand the social responsibilities of those organizations to protect and preserve the resources and cultures that make their areas attractive to visitors, and to contribute to the long-term success of destination communities and environments.

“Learners in the Sustainable Tourism Management program will become experts in integrating sustainable planning, practices and policies in the growing tourism industry of southern Oregon and beyond,” said a document proposing the new program.

The program aligns with SOU’s vision statement, to be “an inclusive, sustainable university for the future that guides all learners to develop the knowledge, capacities and audacity to innovate boldly and create lives of purpose.”

“SOU collaborates across academic divisions, facilities, student life, housing and landscaping to forward our deep commitment to sustainability,” said Vincent Smith, director of the Division of Business, Communication and the Environment. “This new program will build on our existing collaborations between the Business program and Environmental Science and Policy program to serve our region’s growing sustainable tourism industry.”

Students in the program must complete 36 credit hours of required lower division coursework in business, environmental science and tourism, and 52 credit hours of required upper division coursework – including two courses in applied research and an internship. Required courses include “Sustainable Tourism,” “Tourism Policy and Planning,” “Tourism Economics,” “Case Studies in Corporate Sustainability,” “Environmental Sociology” and “Ecological Economics and Sustainable Development.”


SOU unveils unique MBA in Arts Administration program

NEWS RELEASE (available online at https://goo.gl/TBTcTg)
(Ashland, Ore.) — Southern Oregon University continues to set itself apart in arts education, currently with the introduction of a one-of-a-kind MBA degree in Arts Administration that opens numerous career paths for students in the performing and visual arts. The program is currently accepting students.
Undergraduate students can earn the new MBA in Arts Administration in as few as five years – four to complete a bachelor’s degree with a business minor in one of SOU’s arts programs, and a fifth year to complete the master’s in business administration degree. Arts students can alternatively complete their bachelor’s degrees without the business minor, then move on to a two-year MBA program.
“This MBA program builds on SOU’s excellence in the arts, expanding it into the business side,” said Greg Jones, director of the university’s Division of Business, Communication and the Environment. “It provides new opportunities for students to capitalize on their arts education.”
The MBA in Arts Administration is the result of collaboration between SOU’s School of Business and the university’s Oregon Center for the Arts. The new degree is intended for those who are interested in leading arts organizations, galleries or museums, or directing, producing, marketing or managing in the arts.
“This program is unique in the nation in that most arts administration programs are arts programs and not MBA programs,” said David Humphrey, director of SOU’s Oregon Center for the Arts. “An MBA degree is highly marketable, especially if students want to work in the arts.
“I am excited about this program in that it provides a career path for those arts students who do not wish to perform or exhibit,” he said.
The MBA in Arts Administration program equips students for local, regional or national arts management, combining business strategy and community insights to create connections with artists and the arts. It is intended for those pursuing bachelor’s degrees in any of the five Oregon Center for the Arts programs: Art, Emerging Media and Digital Arts, Creative Writing, Music and Theatre Arts.
About Southern Oregon University
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