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Annual Golf Shootout produces record amount for SOU athletic scholarships

Last Thursday’s 29th annual Lithia/Raider Club Golf Shootout raised a record $480,000 to help SOU student-athletes.

The tournament, held annually at Medford’s Rogue Valley Country Club, also produced a record number of “Major Executive Sponsors” that each contributed $12,500 to the event.

This year’s major sponsors were Lithia Motors, The Partners Group, JP Morgan Chase, ExxonMobil, US Bank, Assurant, Chrysler Capital, Genova Burns, American Credit Acceptance, CarFax, Launch Consulting, Axalta, TD Auto Finance, Enterprise, Edmunds.com, Wells Fargo, Cox Automotive, Ally, MaxDigital, Cars.com, AutoPoint, PermaPlate, ADESA, Northwest BG, CDK and Toyota Financial.

Tournament results are available at https://bit.ly/RaiderClubGolfSOU.

The Lithia/Raider Club Golf Shootout has raised a total of more than $3 million in scholarships since 2011.

Donations can be made year-around through the SOU Foundation to support intercollegiate athletics at the university. More than 400 students represent SOU by competing in a total of 13 men’s and women’s sports.

SOU Golf Benefit

Lithia/Raider Club Golf Shootout nets fundraising record

The 28th annual Lithia/Raider Club Golf Shootout turned in another record outing last Thursday, bringing in over $450,000 to help SOU student-athletes.

The tournament, held at the Rogue Valley Country Club in Medford, featured 54 fivesomes and sponsors. A record 24 companies reached out as major sponsors this year, with each contributing $12,500 to the event.

The major sponsors included Lithia Motors, The Partners Group, CARFAX, Cars.com, Edmunds, Wells Fargo, US Bank Dealer Services, PermaPlate, Chrysler Capital, MAXDigital, JP Morgan Chase, Cox Auto, Toyota Financial, CDK Global, Enterprise, Axalta Coating Systems, TD Auto Finance, Assurant, Ally, American Credit Acceptance, Exxonmobile, ELeads1, Central States and Autopoint.

The event has doubled in funds raised for SOU Athletics since 2012, and has totaled nearly $2.5 million during that time frame.

Tournament results: https://bit.ly/2MHZZx0.