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SOU Offers Business Degree Programs in Coos Bay

(Coos Bay, Ore.) Southern Oregon University (SOU) is now offering the bachelor’s degree in business administration in Coos Bay at the Southwestern Oregon Community College (SOCC) campus. Students can earn their degree in accounting or management by taking classes in both the face-to-face and online formats. An advisor is on campus each term to meet with students.
The core business classes meet several Saturdays each term. Students already enrolled in the program say they appreciate the options offered by the online and face-to-face format.

“I like the fact that one class gets together once a month to discuss the class,” says Kory Isley, one of the first students in the program. “I joined the hybrid program because I didn’t want to leave town to get a bachelor’s degree, nor did I want to quit my job.  I also didn’t want to completely lose the face-to-face interaction with teachers and students.”

Valarie Zito, a student working on the accounting option, believes this degree will give her greater financial stability and a broader range of job opportunities. “The hybrid program in Coos Bay gives me the freedom to follow my dream of getting my degree of choice without moving to a city with a university.”
The Coos Bay program began last spring and has grown to 12 students.  “Each term new students join the program, and I hope to have 20 by spring,” says Joan McBee, the coordinator of the SOU program.  “People in Coos Bay don’t have much choice when it comes to earning a bachelor’s degree. Having been an instructor at SOCC at one time, I’ve seen how excited students are when they get their associate’s degree.  They want to continue on and get their bachelor’s, and I’m glad we can provide them with a few more choices.”
For more information, contact Dr. Joan McBee, 541-552-8151 or business@sou.edu.