Film showcase "Your Fate is Booked" by Ariel Himanek

Digital Cinema students to showcase films

Members of the SOU community are invited to enjoy the premieres of 20 short films when students of the Digital Cinema Production course (DCIN 203) present their class projects at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 13, in the Art Building’s Meese Auditorium. The Fall Digital Cinema Student Showcase is free and open to the public.

The three-minute films – the very first short films by first- and second-year Digital Cinema students in the class – will range from mystery to sci-fi to love stories, and just about everything in-between.

This term’s student films are: “Allergic to Clues” by Maggie Adrian; “Love in Bloom” Elena Barajas; “Slow Children” by Bella Bontrager; “Seeds of Discord” by Fiona Carrithers; “The Audition” by Justin Crawford; “Ten Years Under” by Charlotte Heintz; “Projects” by Aedan Higgins; “Your Fate is Booked” by Ariel Himanek; “Need A Light” by Zach Hudson; “The Vinyl” by Logan James; “Deadly Tracks” by Shenita Lawson; “Archetype 0” by Calído Marquez; “Beckett the Bandit” by Clover Neef; “When Art Breathes” by Maddy Peterson; “Wizard Walking” by Spencer Spicer; “Space Plant” by Kira V. Wegehenkel; “Petal Peddlers” by Tyler Whitson; “The Phantom Florist” by Jaycee Williams; “Surprise” by Rose Wood; and “Cursed!” by Jared Y.

SOU students, faculty and staff are encouraged to support the first-time filmmakers by packing the house for this week’s film showcase.

The students had 11 weeks to conceive, prepare, shoot, edit and deliver their films using available resources. Each has two speaking roles and a single location. The fall term students were asked to craft their scripts to align with this year’s SOU Campus Theme – “Flourishing.”

The four-credit class is intended to help students develop skills in project management, collaboration, creative problem-solving and effective leadership. They learn the stages of film production, how crews are organized, the scheduling process and how to work together in small groups to prepare and produce short films.

SOU’s Digital Cinema program is considered to be more than a “film school,” as it prepares students to innovate as storytellers and entrepreneurs across a range of popular and emerging media formats – including motion pictures, documentary, television, social video and virtual reality. It is rooted in the film school tradition, but is highly experiential and embraces entrepreneurship and innovation as it prepares students for dynamic careers in an expanding world of video arts and entertainment.