National Study on the Future of Newspapers to be Presented at SOU

Ashland, ORE – Two researchers who interviewed more than 150 newspaper administrators in every state over 13 months will present “The Transformational Newspaper: Newspapers in the Age of the Internet” at Southern Oregon University (SOU). Paul Steinle and Sara Brown covered 31,000 miles and documented their reports on their website Their talk is at 4 p.m., Thursday, April 12, 2012, in the Meese Room of SOU’s Hannon Library.

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Among those featured in the national newspaper study is Christopher Mayer, publisher of the Boston Globe, who does not think the newspaper industry is dying, but instead is “managing through the transition of consumer habits” and is headed for a new, successful business model. Mayer sees his formerly newsprint-centric company expanding its reach and producing more digital news products while transforming into a more complex business model – a multi-media, multi-platform news and information company.
A summary of Steinle and Brown’s reporting is featured in an article, “Embracing the Future,” scheduled for publication in the 2012 spring edition of the American Journalism Review (AJR). Additional reporting will be included in a book, “The Power and Purpose of Journalism,” scheduled for publication, August 2012.
Sara Brown has a doctorate in organizational development. She was a human resources manager at The Vancouver (Wash.) Columbian and the Los Angeles Times, and a national newspaper management consultant.  Steinle is professor emeritus at SOU with 30 years professional experience as a reporter and news manager. They formed Valid Sources, a 501(c)(3), to sponsor this project.
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