SOU will simulate a wildfire disaster April 20th

WHAT: Wild Fire Disaster Drill at SOU. Testing: Residence hall evacuation, Student Health Center evacuation, and the partnership of SOU and the Community Emergency Response Team (CERT).
WHY: Ashland is at risk for wildfires and SOU borders the wild land urban interface. The University understands the importance of being prepared for a wildfire, working with partner agencies and practicing evacuation plans.
WHEN: Wednesday, April 20th the drill begins at 1:00 p.m. Evacuations start at 2:00 p.m.
WHERE: Cascade Complex Residence Halls and McNeal gymnasium.

WHO: SOU staff, students, Ashland Fire and Rescue, and Ashland CERT

PHOTO OPPORTUNITIES: Media will be able to follow a CERT evacuation team, interview students that are evacuating and observe SOU’s Crisis Management Team coordinating the University’s response.
MEETING TIME & PLACE:1:45p.m. in the drop off area next to the Hannon Library and Churchill, access via Indiana Street. Look for Margueritte Hickman of the Ashland Fire Department for assistance.

More information: Heather Freiheit, 541-552-8152(w), 541-301-6733(c)

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