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Measles shots are part of the first-year experience

First-year students at SOU and other state colleges and universities in Oregon have something important to remember before beginning their second term: they must provide proof of measles vaccination, or a legal exemption.

The Oregon College/University Immunization Law, adopted by the legislature in 2014, requires proof of hard measles (rubeola) immunization for all full-time students. Those at SOU can access a measles vaccination form online at myhealth.sou.edu. They must use their SOU log-in information, then click on “forms” and complete the measles form.

Those who have already had measles, are pregnant or have had reactions to immunizations are not required to be vaccinated, but must have medical documentation. Online-only students also are not required to be vaccinated, and non-medical exemptions are available for those who complete an online educational module and then submit a certificate of completion to the SOU Student Health and Wellness Center.

Students who complete neither the immunization form nor the on-medical exemption module may have an academic hold placed on their SOU accounts.

Measles was a common childhood disease up until the 1960s. Once effective vaccinations against the disease came into play, measles was almost completely eliminated in the U.S., but outbreaks still occur.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has kept an eye on measles cases this year. There were 107 cases reported in 21 states, including both Oregon and Washington, as of mid-summer. A record outbreak of 667 cases occurred in 2014, prompting the Oregon immunization law.

More information about the measles requirement and vaccination opportunities is available on the Student Health and Wellness Center website, or students may contact the center at (541) 552-6136.

Story by Bryn Mosier, SOU Marketing and Communications intern