Survey will gauge broadband service

SOU community members asked to participate in broadband survey

Oregon’s economic development agency wants to know if you’re well-connected. Business Oregon, through its Oregon State Broadband Office, is conducting a survey through Dec. 15 to evaluate internet access in various areas of the state and help plan for future network expansions.

Individuals, businesses, organizations and state agencies or institutions such as SOU have been encouraged to participate in the statewide survey to determine the reach and effectiveness of Oregon’s broadband services – whether DSL, fiber-optic, cable or satellite. The economic development agency is working to ensure that all households, businesses and organizations in Oregon have reliable access to internet services that allow them to be competitive with their counterparts in other states and countries.

Results of the survey will help direct public policy regarding what has been referred to as Oregon’s digital divide – the haves and have-nots of broadband service – and set recommendations for state funding to address any shortcomings.

“Broadband not only provides the essential capabilities we need for our personal and business needs, but without it our communities risk falling behind economically, making it harder to keep and attract people and businesses and jobs,” the state’s broadband office said in an email announcing the survey.

The Oregon Broadband Office was established last December by an executive order from Gov. Kate Brown that placed the office under the authority of Business Oregon. Its purpose is to promote access to internet services statewide, improving Oregon’s economy and quality of life.

The office coordinates with the Oregon Broadband Advisory Council to develop an internet service map of the state, develop investment strategies and advocate for solutions where problems exist.