SOU In the News: Dec. 8 – 15

Oxford University Press – How to Write a Letter of Recommendation (Dr. Edwin Battistella):
The Siskiyou – Former Raiders Launch Business to Keep Runners Going:
Mail Tribune – If Not for the Muse (feature on SOU alumnus John Nilsen):
Daily Tidings – John Nilsen Returns for His Annual Series of Holiday Concerts:
KCSG – Dixie State Introduces Shay McClure as New Head Football Coach (feature on SOU alumnus):

News on SOU Academic Programs:
Herald and News – Good Partnerships Lead to Success at KCC (SOU mentioned):
KOBI – Wine Class Open to Community:
World News – SOU Offers Wine Class to Community:
KTVL – SOU to Offer Tuition Discounts to Qualifying Jackson and Josephine County Graduates:
KOBI – Big Tuition Discount Up for Grabs for Eligible High School Seniors:
Mail Tribune – Bulldogs to Raiders Kicks Off at McLoughlin:
KLDR – Southern Oregon University Offers Tuition Discounts to Local High School Grads:
KAJO – Southern Oregon University Offers Tuition Discounts to Local High School Grads:

News on SOU Environment and Sustainability Initiatives:
Newsroom America – American Campuses Act on Climate:

News on SOU Fine and Performing Arts:

Daily Tidings – Growing the Arts at SOU:

News on SOU governance and Board of Trustees:
Mail Tribune – Phoenix-Talent Superintendent to Retire (feature on Trustee Teresa Sayre):

Miscellaneous News:
Daily Tidings – SOU, Faculty, Still Hammering Out Contract Negotiation Details:
Mail Tribune – Diaries, Letters Provide Intimate Glimpses Into the Rogue Valley’s Past:
The Siskiyou – Students and Community March to Call Out Racism:
KTVL – Southern Oregon University Faculty Contract Negotiations Break Off:
KOBI – Mediations Scheduled for SOU and Faculty:
Daily Tidings – Mediator Called for in SOU-Faculty Negotiations:
Daily Tidings – Our View: Skin in the Game for SOU Faculty:
Mail Tribune – Mediator Called for in SOU-Faculty Negotiations:
The Siskiyou – Students Choice: Food or Tuition?:
Daily Tidings – Threat Leads Exhausted, Case is ‘Inactivated’:
Mail Tribune – No Leads on SOU Threat:
JPR – JPR Studio Project: Summary and Benefits: