SOU Economics Students Forecast the Future

(Ashland, Ore.) When will the U S recover from the Great Recession?

Find out Thursday, June 2, at 6:30 p.m., as advanced economics students present the results of their forecasting project in Stevenson Union Room 330 at Southern Oregon University (SOU).

The students will describe the current status of the economy and explain their analysis of the future outlook. Although the students use sophisticated models and analytical tools to prepare their forecasts, their presentation is non-technical and designed for a general audience.

“The 2007-09 recession has been officially over for almost two years,” says Economics Professor Dan Rubenson. “Although economic activity and employment are showing gains, the improvement is not as rapid as we would like. Why does it feel like the economy is still in recession? How long will it take for the economy to get back on its feet? Can government policies hinder or help this recovery process?”

“Over the last several years, other groups of SOU economics students have also presented forecasts, and their track record has proven comparable to that of professional forecasters,” says Rubenson. “Although ‘past performance is no guarantee of future results,’ I have every reason to expect that this year’s presentation will continue that strong tradition.”

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