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EV charging station survey

Campus survey to help steer expansion of EV charging stations

Southern Oregon University is seeking input on the expansion of its electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure on campus. The university is increasing its EV charging capacity and wants to hear from students, faculty, staff and community members about where and how they would like to see the charging stations located.

The survey, which can be found here, asks respondents about their EV ownership, their charging habits and their preferences for EV charging locations. The survey is open to everyone, regardless of whether they own an EV.

SOU aims to strategically plan and identify optimal locations for charging stations as the demand for electric vehicle charging increases on campus. The intent is to accommodate the distinct charging needs of students, employees and visitors to campus.

SOU currently has 12 charging ports – six double stations – on campus, plus a single charger for its partnership project with the City of Ashland for an EV carshare program funded by Forth Mobility.

One challenge that SOU faces is an electrical infrastructure and connection points that vary in quality and capacity at different locations across campus. That means installation costs for the charging equipment will differ, depending on the sites that are chosen.

The university’s Solar Power and Rechargeable Cars Committee (SPARC) – made up of faculty, students and staff members – will address that issue and others as its members develop a strategy to expand the EV charging infrastructure. The EV Charging Survey was developed by Marissa Defazio, a student representative on SPARC and director of the Associated Students of SOU’s Environmental Affairs Committee.

The survey aims to gather opinions and suggestions from the SOU community to ensure that the expansion aligns with needs and preferences.

The university is working to secure funding for the additional charging stations. SOU has already received support from the Oregon Department of Energy and the U.S. Department of Energy to install EV charging stations, and funding from the Student Green Fund to install EV charging at the Student and Family Housing complex.

The university is committed to sustainability and reducing its environmental impact. By expanding its EV charging infrastructure, SOU is making it easier for students, faculty, staff and community members to drive electric vehicles.

The university is asking for help to make the expansion project a success. All are encouraged to take the survey and share it with friends, family and colleagues.

Electric vehicle carshare program comes to SOU

Ashland and SOU partner with nonprofit for EV carshare

The City of Ashland and Southern Oregon University have partnered with Forth, a Portland-based nonprofit whose mission is to electrify transportation, to bring electric vehicle carshare to Ashland. The collaborative effort will start with one electric vehicle in Ashland, to be located in the SOU parking lot at 390 Wightman Street, next to The Hawk Dining Commons and Lithia Motors Pavilion.

The electric carshare project is part of a new pilot program called GoForth that was created by Forth. The goal of the partnership with Ashland and SOU is to provide access to affordable, all-electric cars for community members to test drive or use.

Carsharing is a system where individuals have access to a network of vehicles for short-term rental. Participants in the GoForth project will need to download the Miocar Network app, create an account and take a brief orientation to use the car. They must be at least 21, have a valid driver’s license and relatively clean driving record, and a valid credit, debit or bank card.

Participants’ first four-hour ride is free, and after that, they will be charged $4 per hour or $35 per day. The electric vehicle stationed in Ashland is a Chevy Bolt.

“It is great to be able to partner with the City of Ashland and Forth to provide access an electric car for community members to test drive or use for errands, shopping or appointments,” said SOU Sustainability Director Becs Walker. “This helps with access to an electric vehicle as well as reducing greenhouse gas emissions.”

Ashland is the most recent of GoForth’s 10 active locations – nine in Oregon and another in Washington. The program has another four future locations planned – one in Oregon, two in Washington and one in Jackson, Wyoming. Electric cars drive much like traditional cars – the pedals, steering wheel and controls are the same, but they are fueled by electricity instead of gas and charge through a plug.

“This carshare allows people a climate-friendly and affordable way to rent a car. It also provides the opportunity try an electric car before committing to one,” said Chad Woodward, climate and energy analyst for the City of Ashland. “As a bonus, the fuel is included.”