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‘An amazing, inspirational place’

Academia Latina continues to build upon a growing tradition of education

By Sam Wheeler

For the Tidings

August 17, 2013 2:00 AM

Providing Latino students with an early first taste of college for the 13th-straight summer, Academia Latina is creating a lifetime’s worth of opportunity for some.

“We’re opening doors for these kids,” said 21-year-old Arturo “Tito” Onesto, who teaches Portuguese to students during the weeklong youth academy held at Southern Oregon University.

Onesto was accepted into the program as a student in 2004, immersed himself and never looked back. He played the role of a junior and senior councilor, a type of group leader, at Academia Latina before he started instructing last year, he said.

“When I came at first, it was mostly to hang out with the girls, but I started to realize there was a lot of value to this,” he said. “It became the only thing I looked forward to in the summer.” Onesto, entering his senior year at University of Oregon as a journalism major, is a good example, said Director Juanita Gomez-Ephraim, of how Academia Latina’s work is beginning to come full circle.

The unique program has swelled from 25 applicants in 2001 to 155 this year — the most ever, Gomez-Ephraim said. This year, 98 students were accepted, while most of the others were turned down because of a lack of funding, she said.

Ending today, the program started Sunday and has been bustling all week, as the nearly 100 seventh- through eleventh-graders work through daily classes across campus. They experience full run of the university, including sleeping in the dorms and eating in the cafeteria.

“This is an amazing, inspirational place,” said third-year student Jose Lariz, a 17-year-old soon-to-be senior at Crater High School. “I feel like I am always going to look back to what I learned here.” Lariz said he will apply to become a junior councilor during next year’s Academia Latina.

“I want to give back … when I become successful, I plan to be a sponsor, that is a dream of mine,” he said.

For the first time, Academia Latina accepted high school sophomore and junior students like Lariz into the program under a leadership role, but those students were required to take complete a more stringent application process. In the past, the program only accepted seventh- through ninth-grade students.

Elementary- and college-level math classes, creative writing, a culture class titled “Aztecs, Mayans and Ipads,” foreign language, nursing and mural art are a few of the classes students can chose from this year.

Salsa dancing is a popular one, Gomez-Ephraim said.

In her third year at Academia Latina, soon-to-be junior at South Medford High School, Tana Garcia, 16, said learning Portuguese has been one of her favorite parts of this year.

“I just tell the students, it’s like Spanish with an accent,” Onesto said. “They are picking it up well.”

“This place feels like a second home to me,” Gracia said. “After my first time here, I knew I would always try to come back.”

To come back to Academia Latina, students previously accepted must maintain a higher grade-point average than the prior year to be considered.

All of this year’s applicants live in Southern Oregon, Gomez-Ephraim said, but many have been accepted from outside of the region and state during years past.

“I really enjoy just getting to know all the kids. They all have passions and you can see they are determined to pursue them,” said Dani Camacho, a senior councilor at Academia Latina.

Camacho, who is entering his senior year at SOU studying business management and marketing, says Academia Latina changed his life.

“I got out of the program for a few years, but came back,” he said.

“All my councilors that I knew, I say that’s the reason I am in college, the reason I am at SOU. They were a really good inspiration for me.” Like many others in the program, both Camacho and Onesto, who grew up together in Phoenix, have siblings in the program.

The program simply can’t keep up with its growing reputation among adolescent Latino students in the area, Gomez-Ephraim said.

Academia Latina draws most of its financial support from a handful of regional sponsors, foundations and federal and state grant programs, which are perpetually on the brink of collapse, said Carol Jensen, director of pre-college programs at SOU.

Nearly all of the students accepted into Academia Latina are given scholarships that pay for $650 of the $700 cost of enrollment, she said. Most students pay a $50 fee to attend.

“Thirteen years ago this program was ahead of its time,” Jensen said. “Now, it’s something that could be replicated on every campus across the nation. We can certainly expand — we turn kids away every year — but we just need the funding.”

Sam Wheeler is a freelance writer living in Ashland. Email him at


Southern Oregon University

August 16, 2013 2:00 AM

Dean’s ListSpring 2013

A total of 851 full-time Southern Oregon University students achieved a grade point average of 3.50 through 3.99, equivalent to letter grades ranging from B+ to nearly straight A, qualifying them for inclusion on the Dean’s Honor List. Undergraduate students taking 12 or more graded credits are eligible for the list.

Ashland: Vanessa Joy Longley, Christina Hokulani Akau, Abdullah Mohammad Aljawaiy, Justin G. Allison, Moayyad Jarad Almalki, Huda Hassan Alrashid, Khalid Musaed Alshowaib, Yousef Abdulaziz Altufiel, Ashley Kristine Andrews, Ryan Paul Ashe, Tatsiana V. Asheichyk, Charles Allen Baker, Trevor Scott Bateman, Michael Brian Bates, Adrienne Marie Baudry, Shyla R. Beaver, Cale Joseph Bickler, Zachary Asher Bizzarro, Megan Joy Bjerke, Fayth Kenworthy Blackwell, Wander Adjanku Boesjes, Jacob Daniel Bonn, Kyla Jill Boswell, Katelyn Elizabeth Bottimore, Elizabeth Suzanne Boulay, Lolita Zouzou Boutet, Ariel Dawn Brand, Casey Nathaniel Brandel, Amanda Marie Brophy, Jae Brown, Jordan Roberta Bucher, Autumn Angelica Buck, Luke McBride Burnham, Derrien Savannah Burns, Daniel Lane Burt, Kayla Marie Bush, Brian Kenneth Busk, Mario Carreau Cambern, Amelia Arwen Carr, Andrea Marianne Carr, Julie Kay Case, Kristine Marie Case, Haley Anne Casebier, Kelly A. Cassinerio, Trinity C. Castner, Shahe Sophia Catranides, Ashley Renee Clark, Seth Alexander Coad-Douglass, Abigail Marie Colombo, Fredrika Helena Condos, Joshua Wayne Cook, Danielle Morgan Courtright, Angelica Crimmins, Ali Summer Daniels, Joshua John Danielson, Elias Deleault, Amy Elizabeth Determan, Michael Ross Dillow, Timothy Austin Duryea, Ian Michael Dusenbury, Coeli Marie Dwivedi, Alyssa Lauren Eckebrecht, Will Evans Fain, Sierra Faulkner, Chad Ference, Robyn J. Fichter, Colin Joseph Finnegan, Rachel Jean Fisher, Brittny Jade Frings, Jason Michael Gerber, Heather Rose Goerger, Mariah Irene Gonzales, Courtney Kristine Goslin, Ariana Bianca Graham-Heuer, Lynette Renae Haberman, Rayna F. Hagie, Anne Elizabeth Hagy, Riley Curtis Hamilton, Casey Boone Hanks, Jami Ann Hanna, Joni Lynn Hansen, Lillian Rose Hardgrove, River Hardy, Heidi Layne Harrison, Jeffrey Allen Hayes, Blake Garret Helmken, Kelsie Jenea Henderson-Weaver, Hollis Cynthia Hiatt, Adam LeGrand Hobbs, Grayson Scott Hockett, Kathryn Olena Hodges, Patrick J. Hoffmann, Samuel Quinn Hoiland, Tomoya Honda, Reid David Honeywell, Wendy R. Hood, Sarah Danielle Jeran, Caley Eileen Johnson, Kody Matthew Johnson, Haley Elizabeth Jonsson, Katheryn Anne Kammerer, Peter Yevgeni Kennedy, Scott David Key, Baback K. Khosroabadi, Holly Denise Kilpatrick, Tyler Andrew Klaus, Erica Danniele Knotts, Rachel Jane Kostrna, Llupus Botan Kulick-Pope, Lily Mae Kurtz, J. Lisa La Pierre, Jordan E. Land, Tamara Elizabeth Lee, Noah Ram Leen, Katheryn Elizabeth Leon, Adam Richard Lion, Heather Christine Long, Mandalynn Brooke Macdonald, Kendra Claire Madaras-Kelly, Regina Lisa Mannino, Dylan James Marchek, Zachary John Marshall, Mila I. Martczyanov, Jonathan Taylor Matthews, Ariana Lee May, Randi Nicole Mayfield, Larry Dean McCain, Brandon David McCowan, Katherine Elizabeth McCredie, Shaelline Nicole McCulloch, Eoghan Patrick Morgan McDowell, Vanessa McNutt, Carly Elizabeth Meister, Brandon Charles Meyer, Emily Grace Miller, Max K. Miller, Logan J. Mitchell, Katherine E. Moeglein, Dylann Moore, Kevin Michael Moore, Leslie Catherine Muir, Crystal Lynn Munoz, Ford Mikhail-Gustave Murawski-Brown, Kaylie Kailani Nakamura, Megan Judith Neufeld, Holly Lucinda Nienhaus, Kevin Edward Novinger, Christian Aleksander Ostmo, Alexandra Brooke Parks, Sarah Jessica Pelzner, Samantha Pennington-Vrsek, Kellie Marie Pertl, Cassandra Leann Pinard, Celeste Alexandra Pylko, Tania Allison Quispe Diaz, Steven Isaac Reeves, Bailee Adair Reimer, Zachary Thomas Reutlinger, Feinn Alexa Rice-Narusch, Tanner Lee Richie, Damian Christiani Rodriguez, Paloma Rubi Rojas, Jazmin Roque, Rebekah Jean Ruby, Muriel Annaliese Sadleir Hart, Colton Zachary Safley, Efren Sanchez, Alexandra R. Schmidt, David Neil Scott, Cara Michelle Sexton, David Charles Sherman, Justin M. Silva, Evan Allen Sims, Lauren Rae Skinner, Anthony Bruce Smallen, Alexander Joseph Smith, Lakia Marie Solomon, Danastasia Paulette Sousa, Michael Robert Springer, Cameron Brittney Stark, Jennifer Renae Steiner, Daniel J. Stephens, Thomas Elliot Stone, Vaughn David Swanson, Nicholas Wade Temple, Shelby Nicole Temple, Eric Anthony Thompson, Lavinia Ema Turian, Cassandra Leanne Van Hout, Mary Teresa Vest, Jeremy David Vik, Jessica Grace Volk, Denise Anne Wagner, Jessica Norine Wanderscheid, Allyson Margaret Ward, Alissa Spelliscy Weber, Stephanie Ann Wehe, Mark Alan Weir, Christa Marie Welcome, Angela May West, Brandon Thomas Worthington, Russell Saiji Yamamoto, Mallory Estellene Young, Cassandra Mckenzie del Nero, Richard Thomas van Zijst

Butte Falls: Janis M. Vorbeck

Central Point: Rachel Anne Albright, Kristina Barton-Diaz, Dylan Matthew Beaman, Shallon M. Beatty, Heidi Jennifer Bosworth, Samantha Lee Cobb, Robert Allen Cole, Robert W. Edwards, Bowen Thomas Feeley, Lauren Marie Hornbeck, Hannah Elizabeth Ironside, Melissa Ranae Keiry, James Darrell Leavens, Livia Jewell Marlowe, Justin John Martin, Tyler Allen Mickelson, John Robert Muswieck, Joshua Edward Muswieck, Rio Jeanne Picollo, Ryan Michael Randahl, Derek James Rodman, Jeremy Daniel Selland, Alsacea Ree Stauffer, Meghan Louise Thompson, Pamela Rei Thoren, Michelle Diane Trowbridge, Kevin Matthew Turner, Mandy Jean Updike, Rebecca Rose Van Duker, Victoria Marie Versteeg, Morgan Grae Williams

Eagle Point: Kamie Lynn Blevins, Clinton Louis Caffee, Hillary Elizabeth Daves, Carrie DeCicco, Andrew Louis Farina, Juan Luis Gonzalez, Jessie Lynn Grissom, Trenton Dean Kaiser, Nicole Elizabeth Leaf, Shelley Elizabeth Lindenman, Lesley Inez Neilson, Lindsey Renee Patrick, Meghan K. Payne, Alicia Heather Polendey, Caitlin Whitley Ralls, Luca Jay Ryan

Gold Hill: Lisa Gabrielle Fecteau, Kyle Anthony Hayes, Amber Marie Myer, Steven Harold Sagert, Natasha Amber Schroeder, Garrett Marshall White

Grants Pass: Amanda Joy Baird

Jacksonville: Johanna Marie Boyd, Melissa Anna Boyd, Thomas Jesse Burns, Kate Colleen McDonald, Andrea Monet Miller, Amber Rozanna Savage, Lindsey Pamela Thomas, Angela Marie Wood

Medford: Cynthia Ahlo, Nancy L. Alegria, Ryan J. Allen, Alan Amezcua Aranda, Jacob Michael Barnett, Patrick A. Barnett, Kelsie Ann Bartley, Laurie Bates, Megan Elizabeth Beamish-White, Michelle Thalia Benitez, Sawyr Dakota Benzley, Lindsey Evangeline Blodgett, Lea Beth Bonney, Shane William Boyd, Geoffrey James Brabham, Jamie Kathleen Buckley, Susan Rene’e Burnette, Jessica Anne Carr, Joshua Carroll, Adrianne Rose Claassen, Brenda Dawn Clopton, Nathaniel Russell Coddington, Mark Andrew Combs, Timothy Luke Crane, Kyle Wilson Crebbin, Emily Kristine Cutting, Alyssa Marie DeLisle, Sean M. Dega, Kenneth John Kekoaponohe’oia’i’o Depp, Courtney Mary Ellen Dickinson, Jacquelyn Aisha Dix, Morgan Nicole Dixon, Elisabeth Esther Ervine, Chelsea Lee Fankhauser, Jillian Marie Frakes, Donna June Freeman, Mayra Alejandra Garcia, Amber Lin Garner, Jonathan Matthew Gomes, Lily N. Gorbun, Jessica Joy Grissom, Jerrica Ford Harboldt, Lori Ann Harms, Carol Jo Hasskamp-Valdez, Drusilla L. Hebert, Danielle Mariah Hinkley, Ashley Shantell Hughes, Jordan Mari Hurd, Allison Lynn Inscore, Kyndra Alexis Irigoyen, Stephan Matthew Janakes, Kevin Leiel Jenkins, Kathleen Louise Johnson, Sara Jolin Keith, Thielsen James Lebo, Randal Marcus Lee, Blake Donald Lykins, Alice Morgana MacIver, Orion F. Malamed, Cory Antone Massei, Michelle Lia Kliever McClung, Sarah Joelle McGrew, Ashley Noell McGuire, Michael Paul Means, Corey Austin Metcalfe, Kaitlyn Breanne Mobley, Taylor James Mullaney, Melinda Jean Nagle, Dominique Louise Newman, Michaela B. Nuss, Elijah J. Oberlander, Holly Elizabeth Oberlander, Ernesto Sanchez Ortiz, Liberty Neisler-Walker Parnell, Ashley Marcella Parret, Katherine Alexandra Pearson, Tiffany Nicole Pinkstaff, Alicia Renae Preston, Daniel Lee Rester, Russell Ray Ridge, Brittany Michelle Ripley, Juan Luis Rivas, Zachary Dee Roberson, LesLee Diane Roberts, Adam James Robertson, Christian James Roeske, James Michael Rothstein, Dillon Matthew Rotz, Danielle L. Saiz, Mathew L. Scheytt, Sage Byron Shaw, Christopher David Shawl, Cody Alan Shilts, Genevieve Rose Shultz, Patrick Silva, Eric James Simpson, Stephen Dale Sleezer, Alexander Christopher Smith, Talon Michael Smith, Kelly J. Stringer, Kirstin Renae Stroud, Andrea Lyn Sukraw, Trevor Eugene Thorndike, Amanda Jean Thoyre, Jared Alan Thoyre, Alexa McKenzie Trost, Callen Dieter Trost, Ryan Paul Ulbricht, Reena Fae Van Duzer, Trevor Brent VanWinkle, Jessica Anne Elizabeth Vietz, Patricia Lorraine Volosin, Wesley Michael Wade, Kelley Nicole Walker, Lacey Avon Elizabeth Weathers, Jake Anthony Weigel, Jeffrey Scott Wilcox, Caryn Cherie Williamson, Anjanette Ruth Wright

Phoenix: Jason R. Couch, Devlin Grey Damico-Ivy, Kalee Dawn Firestone, Kimberly Pearl Hartwell, Matthew Aaron Libante, Crystal Mena, Rachel Lea Pedersen, Lauran Kelli Rose, Marilee Reye Stainbrook

Prospect: Caree Marie Mickelsen, Scott Allen Williams

Rogue River: Heather Rene Kuntz, Bryan George Laskey, Laura Sky Perry, Laci Rose Smith, Tyler Joshua Stickler

Shady Cove: Ashley Barrett, Karla Jane Geigle, Trinity Christine Tippin

Talent: Heather Michelle Alimossy, Ibrahim Alsayary, Saud Faisal Alzenaidi, Jordan Douglas Anderson, Rose Ellen Averbeck, Sara Marie Averbeck, Brandon Barker, Danielle Rene Berryessa, Kerri Ruthann Brooks, Kaila Patricia Calhoun, Jessica Marie Daly, Anja Sofia DuBois, Kayla C. Elrod, Tyler Brent Hawkins, Jeri Lou Jackson, Grant Allen Jolliffe, Ahmad Daghim Karikar, Jacob Walker Kulyn, Rachel Ann Lawson, Samuel Russell Longnecker, Sean Michael McLeary, Robert Joseph McLellan, Emily Minasian, Rory James Owens, Isaac Stephen Park, Mckenzie Deon Peters, Ahmad Salah Sairafi, Stefanie Marie Scowden, Jade Evelyn Stevens, Carolyn Maxine Stone, Brystan Gayts Strong, Courtney Elizabeth Wettstein

White City: Jesse J. Case, Mayra Cristina Garcia, Brian Edward Murphy, Cristal Ibarra Salas, Wendy R. Hood, Tamara Elizabeth Lee


President’s ListSpring 2013

A total of 262 full-time Southern Oregon University students achieved a grade point average of 4.0, equivalent to letter grade “A,” thus qualifying for the President’s Honor List. Undergraduate students taking 12 or more graded credits are eligible for the list.

Ashland: Dylan Steven Adams, Sheldon Michael Aguilar, Rakan Abdulrahman Alassaf, Carlos Huberto Amaya, Aaron Heber Anderson, Lindsay Auzenne, Benjamin Charles Bennett, Katherine Irene Bennett, Natalie Marie Blaustone-Dye, Rachel Elisabeth Blazinski, Coleen Rose Bremner, Maggie Buktenica, Trevis M. Caplinger, Juan Daniel Chavez Solano, Christian Thomas Chesterman, Sarah Ashley Clark, Michael Brandon Crafts, Matthew Thomas Del Selva, Katherine Louise Doan, Nicole L. Doran, Kirsten Louise Ericksen, Austen Montgomery Fisher, Randall Connor Fitzpatrick, Amy R. Foust, Blair Kendra Fraser, Winston Friedman, Amber Jovon Fuson, Elisabeth Renae Goss, Brandon William Glen Gray, Patricia Cecelia Halleran-Cislo, Tara Irene Hanst, Timothy Matthew Hill, Emily Ann Holgen, Karl R. Hudson, Megan Wagner Janssen, Nolawit Mengiste Kebede, Nicole A. Keller, Jem Rochelle Kloor, John R. Koerschgen, Evan Gray Lasley, Victoria Avalon Lipski, Haley Morgan May, Yu Morita, Clinton James Nichols, Noelle Amanda Novotny, Nikolos Peyralans, John FC Piazzini, Melanie Marie Rankin, Kathryn Joy Richardson, Jessica Nicole Ring, Anastasia K. Risley, Austin Seaver Rose, Daniel Embra Shaw, Rosetta Ann Shaw, Cathryn Rose Siegl, Dakota Alexander Slaton, Steven Dale Stafford, Eli Ryan Stotsky, Mohammed Abdulaziz Sultan, Christopher Michael Vinson, Caryn Alyssa Westrick, Marc Jason Wheeler, Lindsay Anne Wiegel

Central Point: Angelica Maria Banuelos, Shawna Linn Fisher, Brittni Michelle Kellum, Janel Lei Lajoie, Eilish CH Lambrechtsen, Jessica Anne Legler-Prewitt, Christina Louise Patton-Cattolico, Almyra Jean Perry, Walter Eric Schimke, Heather May Shepherd, Jake T. Watson, Marc Andrew Wells, Jessica Rae Worley

Eagle Point: Taylor Nicole Anderson, Daniel A. Cardenas, Christopher Shane Doran, Amanda Lynn Elrod

Gold Hill: Roxanna A. Jolly, Cynthia Levesque-Couch, Leah Katrina Wilson, Kelly Rene Woody

Jacksonville: Lacey Alexandra Bendell, Max Luis Goldman

Medford: Patrick Eugene Arthur, James M. Bachman, Leticia Barrera, Ethan Taylor Barrus, Blake Edward Bloomquist, Matthew Louis Bowers, Adam G. Callaway, Carissa Moriah Cornelius, Kaylan Colleen Dugan, Benjamin James Eaton, Shane Mark Elsdon, Christopher Wayne Evans, Amy Kristine Haskett, Alisha Nicole Higley, Sandra Dee Horn, Ashley Nicole Hyde, Terah Suzanne Kropp, Collin Marshall Krum, Trevor Daniel Kuyper, Amanda Kay Light, Lila Marie Marroquin, Thomas Ben Martinez, Trevor Thomas McCarthy, Lauren K. Miller, Angela Lynn Minneci, Ashlynn Marie Ortiz, Barbara Ellen Panfil, Michael D. Paradis, Eric Pyka, Paul Allen Rock, Ashley Elaine Spires, Angela Beth Stephens, John Matthew Stranahan, Laura Ivette Velazquez-Rangel, James Thomas Wagner, Laura Grace White, Kali Marie Wiedrich, Joseph William Wilson

Phoenix: Jesse Jack Allred, Aaron Hooker, Guadalupe Stephannie Ortiz, Karla Ivette Parra, Jocelyn Claire Redding, Shaun Ryan Wolff

Rogue River: Katherine Grace Barkley, Amber Katrina Cross

Talent: Eva Lenore Albert, Tracy Lynn Charlesworth-John, Tully B. Doyle, Ana Lucia Gutierrez, Amy Janette Lindgren, Raven Katherine Ann MacLachlan, Malina Nicole Martinez, Sabrina Lee Podsobinski, Angelica Christine Polkowitz, Steve Isaac Santoni, Christopher Ferry Seaman, Hannah Kathleen Stafford

White City: Shawna Davis, Marie Jane Poppa, Carol Louise Pruett,

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