SOU Foundation Announces Ruhl Learning Fellowship Recipients

Two students receive in-state tuition and fee scholarships for 2010-11

Robin Kigel

(Ashland, Ore) The Southern Oregon University Foundation announced Senior Sarah Stednitz of Morro Bay, Calif. and Junior Robin Kigel of Talent, Ore. as the 2010-11 Robert Ruhl Learning Fellowship recipients. The fellowship provides full in-state tuition and fees to students demonstrating academic merit through a year-long research project.

Stednitz, a biomedical and psychology double major, proposed a study on the side effects of haloperidol on those with psychological disorders. “This fellowship will allow me to get the most out of my education and relieve me of significant debt burden,” she said.

Kigel, a history and political science double major, will use the fellowship to examine groups that provided social services throughout American history. “The rigors of my coursework and previous research prepared me to conduct this project,” she said.

More than 30 students applied for the scholarship. The two students were chosen by the SOU Foundation Board Selection Committee.

Both students were highly recommended by supervising professors. “Sarah’s (Stednitz) curiosity, intellectual skill, and work ethic make her a superb candidate for graduate school and ultimately research in neuroscience,” said Dr. Chris Oswald, biology professor.

Robin (Kigel) is exceptionally well prepared to undertake the kind of research envisioned by the Ruhl Fellowship,” said Dr. Dustin Walcher, history Professor.

The Robert Ruhl Learning Fellowship will be available next year on SOU’s online financial aid site, SOSA. For more information on SOU financial aid, call Enrollment Services at 541.552.6600.

SOU Foundation Announces Akerill Scholarship Recipients

Two students receive in-state tuition and fee scholarships for 2010-11

(Ashland, Ore) The Southern Oregon University Foundation announced Senior Jay Harrower of Ashland and Sophomore Shayne Mesa of Medford as the 2010-11 James and Betty Akerill Memorial Scholarship recipients.  The scholarship is the result of a recent $1.2 million bequest and will provide tuition and fees for both students.

“This scholarship will allow me to further my artistic and business knowledge.  I intend to start a local business when I graduate to give back to the community that has given me so much since our family moved here in 1996,” said Harrower, an art major and business minor.

More than 70 students applied for the scholarship for full-time undergraduate students over 25years with proven financial need.  The two students were chosen by the SOU Foundation Board Selection Committee.

“Attending college full time while supporting my wife and two children was challenging.  Scholarships for students in my current situation are gratifying,” said Mesa, a biology major.

Both students were highly recommended by their professors.  “Shayne is the type of student professors relish.  I believe he has the intellectual abilities, personality and motivation to succeed in any endeavor,” said John Roden, biology professor.

“Jay gives 500% of himself to his work, his students and my students,” said Robin Strangfeld, art professor.

“The students selected for this award are a tribute to James Akerill, who was a nontraditional student himself,” said Sylvia Kelley, VP for Development and Executive Director of the SOU Foundation.  “James and Betty saved everything they had to provide better lives for SOU students.  Jay and Shayne are now a part of this legacy.”

The James and Betty Akerill Memorial scholarship will be available next year on SOU’s online financial aid site, SOSA. For more information on SOU financial aid, call Enrollment Services at 541.552.6600.

SOU Students to Gain Google Apps Resources

Southern Oregon University in Googlefont

(Ashland, Ore) Southern Oregon University will deploy Google Apps for Education, Google’s set of hosted and customizable communications for higher education, as part of the university’s Information Technology offerings for students, faculty and staff.

In addition to adding new technology solutions for students and eventually staff and faculty, the move promises to save the university approximately $2,500 a year in energy costs, and, over three years, another $18,000 in hardware expenses. When the transition is complete, another $35,000 in software licensing will be recaptured for repurposing to support technology needs.

There is a “green” component to the switch; by taking advantages of Google’s highly efficient off-site data (aka “cloud”) storage, the e-waste generated every time the university cycles outdated hardware will be avoided.

The initial rollout will be Google Gmail, Calendar, Docs, Sites and Google Talk for students on Monday, December 13, 2010. A faculty/staff deployment in spring of 2011 will see the addition of a new “Google Infrastructure” that will give students, faculty, and staff access to the core Google Apps for Education and approximately 150 other Google offerings, including technologies such as Blogger and Google Voice.

Google Apps for Education allows schools and universities to give Google’s communication and collaboration abilities to a campus community for free. All services are hosted by Google and can be accessed via any Internet-connected computer and many mobile devices.

SOU ROTC Program Tops Nation in Guard Scholarships

(Ashland, Ore.) –National Guard Officer Strength Management in Washington, DC has named the ROTC GOLD program at Southern Oregon University top program for Guard and Reserve scholarship awards.  ROTC programs at more than 140 colleges and universities offer Guard and Reserve scholarships- SOU has surpassed all in “Citizen Soldier” scholarship offers.

SOU has eleven cadets with scholarship awards in the year 2013 group, the most of any college participating.

“I would like to thank President Mary Cullinan and SOU for making this possible,” says Lt. Col. Keith Ensley, the head of SOU’s ROTC program. “This is a tremendous achievement and will increase our national visibility.” As a result of the award, the SOU cadre will be featured in an upcoming issue of Guard Experience, the National Guard magazine.

A year ago Army ROTC awarded three SOU students the first ROTC scholarships at SOU in more than 20 years. ROTC was discontinued at SOU in the early 1990s due to the Army’s reduction in forces.

SOU now has the only ROTC program between Sacramento and Eugene.

Most ROTC scholarships available at SOU are full tuition, three-year scholarships worth more than $18,000 per year.

ROTC is the U.S. Army officer program available through the Military Science program at SOU. Enrollment requires a military service obligation – in the active Army, National Guard, or Army Reserve. ROTC is not an undergraduate degree program; it is a program that runs parallel to a student’s academic major.  Every student enrolled in ROTC receives a minimum college scholarship starting at $5,000 per year.

ROTC students training to become Army officers also take courses in other subjects such as political science, history, and philosophy. These courses help to broaden their understanding and prepare them to be better officers.